Sorry Housemates Cardiff Council have Shrunk the Bins

cardiff bins

Landlords and housemates be warned!   Your black general waste bin is getting smaller. This is happening right across Cardiff so if you own, manage or live in a Cardiff house share disposing of your general waste maybe about to get a lot more difficult.

General waste black bins are currently 240 litres buy are being replaced by a smaller 140 litre version.   This was brought to my attention last week when I put the bins out at a house share on North Road, Cardiff currently home to 5 house mates.

Five housemates produce a fair amount of general waste over a 2 week period and to be fair they all do their bit for recycling, utilising green bags and food waste brown bins, but now there has been a slight of hand and the bin has transformed from a just about adequate 240L to a worrying small 140 litre bin.

I have spoken to Cardiff Council about this as I am worried about other house shares across Cardiff with 6 or more people and was informed that letters have been sent out to all households and those with 6+ housemates should contact the council to stop their existing black wheelie bins being replaced.

So if you own or manage or live in a house share in Cardiff with six or more people make sure you contact them ASAP to ensure your bins don’t shrink!

Here is a link containing a contact number for Cardiff Council Waste & Recycling Team

Government Attacks Private Rented Sector

Landlords and property investors across the UK have come under attack from most sections of society with the most serve attacks coming from Government in this year’s Summer Budget and Autumn Statements.

So Rooms in Cardiff have put together a handy resource for landlords and investors operating in Cardiff property market.

Summer Budget 2015 & Autumn Statement 2015

Summer Budget 2015 was where the most damage was inflicted. Hot on the heels of an outstanding success at the general election the Conservative party began to set out their stall and plans for the PRS and how they plan to remove small scale landlords via taxation:

Mortgage interest relief for buy-to-let homebuyers to be restricted to basic rate of income tax as it is, the tax relief will be halved for those paying the highest tax rates. The removal of mortgage interest relief will be gradually phased in from 2017-18 enabling landlords to claim relief to 75% their finance costs and reducing 25% each year until 2020-21 where only basic rate relief will be available, essentially higher rate tax paying landlords paying tax on their turn over and not profit.

Removal of 10% Wear & Tear for Furnished Lettings To take affect from 6 April 2016 the ‘Wear and Tear Allowance’ is to be replaced by a new ‘Replacement Furniture Relief’ (RFR) for all landlords whichever type of property, furnished or unfurnished.

Inheritance tax threshold to increase to £1m, phased in from 2017, underpinned by a new £325,000 family home allowance

The Autumn Statement 2015 had a further shock for Landlords and property investors with the introduction of higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) for buy-to-let investors and second home owners, new purchases from April 2016 will be taxed an addition 3% above current SDLT rates so a £100K property will now pay £3K (was previously exempt) and a £200K property £10K in Property taxes previously £4K.

Here is the legislation taken from Governments Autumn 2015 Spending Review

 “Stamp duty land tax: additional properties – Higher rates of SDLT will be charged on purchases of additional residential properties (above £40,000), such as buy to let properties and second homes, from 1 April 2016. The higher rates will be 3 percentage points above the current SDLT rates. The higher rates will not apply to purchases of caravans, mobile homes or houseboats, or to corporates or funds making significant investments in residential property given the role of this investment in supporting the government’s housing agenda. The government will consult on the policy detail, including on whether an exemption for corporates and funds owning more than 15 residential properties is appropriate. The government will use some of the additional tax collected to provide £60 million for communities in England where the impact of second homes is particularly acute.”

Benefit Cap & Universal Credit

Benefits have been capped across the UK and there is now a limit on the total amount of benefit that most people aged 16 to 64 can get. The level of the cap is:

  • £500 a week for couples (with or without children living with them)
  • £500 a week for single parents whose children live with them
  • £350 a week for single adults who don’t have children, or whose children don’t live with them

You can find out information of the Government’s Benefit Cap and which benefits will and won’t be affected. Housing Benefit is also frozen for a four year period from 2016-2017 making it even harder for tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit to secure housing in Cardiff and across the rest of the UK when rents continue to rise in the PRS.

November 2015 is a big month in Cardiff as Universal Credit will also begin to be rolled out across the Welsh Capital (Cardiff Council Link to Universal Credit) although this is mostly likely to only affect single “new” claimants.

Rent Smart Wales is here!

We knew it was coming but not quite when, but it’s official it is up and running but seems to be having numerous issues with registering as landlords, agents and taking payments.

You need to determine whether you simply need to register with Rent Smart Wales, or whether you need to register and be licensed you can do so by visiting Rent Smart Wales. As a landlord with property in Cardiff you have two options:

Register Only: If you use a managing agent and do not involve yourself in the setting up of tenancies or day-to-day property management, you will only need to register.

Registration and a licence: If you find tenants yourself or take care of the day-to-day property management yourself, you will need to register and be licensed.

If you haven’t already been on the Landlord Accreditation Wales training course, you will need to do landlord training before being granted a licence. Currently, the required training can only be attained by attending a one-day course in person, but there will be online training available in the New Year.

Rent Smart Wales and Section 21 Notice

 No section 21 notice may be given if:

  • The landlord is not registered, or
  • The landlord is not licensed and the landlord has not appointed a person who is licensed to carry out all property management work in respect of the dwelling on the landlord’s behalf

Ouch! Landlords May Have Rent Stopped or Have to Repay Tenants

Yes Landlords may have their rent stopped via a Rent Stopping Order or your tenant may apply for a Rent Repayment Order! What is even more worrying the person who is alleged to have committed the offence does not have to have been charged or convicted of an offence for a rent stopping order to be made?

The effect of a rent stopping order is to stop, for a period, any rent payable by a tenant. Legally the tenant will be considered to have paid this rent and no rent arrears claim could be made.

Renting Homes Wales Bill

 The Renting Homes Wales Bill has been passed by the Welsh Assembly and is likely to receive Royal Assent in December 2015. The main points of the bill include:

  • All tenancies and licenses are replaced by two “occupational contracts”
  • Tenants will have a minimum 6 month occupation period
  • Landlords to ensure property is fit for human habitation
  • Joint tenancies will be treated differently if joint tenant wishes to leave tenancy the tenancy will continue in remaining tenants sole name

One major benefit stands out for Landlords. The Bill will enable landlords to repossess an abandoned property without needing a court order!

Also there may be trouble on the horizon for HMO landlords across Cardiff. On Friday 6 November 2015, the government published a consultation paper on changes to mandatory Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing in England. A new definition for HMOs could bring in smaller properties under mandatory licensing.

The Government is also considering a new national minimum room sizes along the lines of the statutory overcrowding standard in Section 326 of the Housing Act 1985 of 6.5 Sq. m for single rooms and 10.2 Sq. m for double rooms, here is a link to article complied by Residential Landlords Association

It seems that small landlords are under full scale attack and 2016 will be a challenging year for landlords, tenant and PRS as a whole especially in Cardiff where Universal Credit, Rent Smart Wales and Renting Home Wales Bill will all start to shape the PRS.

Diary of a HMO Landlord: Noise, Leaks, Squeaks & Rubbish

After my initial Diary of a HMO Landlord post all was calm and foolishly thought to myself I’m not going to have much to write about this week, but how things change!

So what’s been happening?

I have had the electricians in at one house rewiring each room so they are on their own circuit and meters fitted so I comply with The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 and this also ensures tenants are accountable for their usage in their own rooms, all went well until a phone call the next morning about the central heating making a “gurgling” noise. Turns out one of the water pipes had fractured when the wires were being pulled through, which resulted in a lovely water feature in one of the down stairs rooms. On a positive note double boarded ceilings are still intact so it was just mopping up water, drying out carpets and getting the plumber around to solder the damaged pipe.

New tenants moved into a property, former residents of the Salvation Army homeless hostel who are very happy to have a clean and safe environment to live in and have put up with living on the streets but couldn’t put up with the squeaky fire hinges on their new door, so I treated them to a squirt of WD40.

As mentioned the new tenants love the free broadband access, but in other houses it can prove to be a pain in the arse. We all know broadband is a must especially for students and professional working tenants, but there is only so much a landlord can do as I DO NOT provide the service. One house has had intermittent service due to engineering works being carried out by the ISP but still tenants moan on at me and it came to a head when I get calls at 10PM moaning about the service Virgin Media supplies, as you can imagine I wasn’t best pleased especially when my phone ringing woke our baby!

Had the usual calls from Cardiff Council Housing Options Team enquiring what property I have available this week, also chasing “top up” from tenants that have Overpayment Recovery taken from their Housing Benefit Award, the latest tenant having a deduction of £6.50 per week from their Housing Benefit award to pay back about £5000 in overpayments.

At the other end of the spectrum, chasing professional tenants for their rent, the ones who never set up a standing order so the usual text each month to remind them to pay their rent on time and set up the standing order for next month, which they never do.

Rubbish is always a common theme encountered by HMO Landlords up and down the country, tenants don’t seem to like recycling and if they do manage to put rubbish in large black wheelie bins provided by Cardiff Council they don’t like to wheel them out onto the pavement for fortnightly collection so we soon get a build-up of black bags, I don’t know what is going to happen when Cardiff Council half the size of their black bins, be rubbish everywhere!

Finally my favourite aspect of being a HMO Landlord the legalities of the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement and tenants serving “Notice to Quit” when they are on a Statutory Periodic Tenancy (SPT), affectionately known as a “month rolling”, or not serving as the case may be. All tenants love it when their fixed term comes to an end and they have the flexibility of a SPT but none of them seem to like the fact that the tenancy runs from one rent day to the next and they have to serve their “Notice to Quit” in writing, giving at least one months’ notice and ending on a rent day. This important point is highlighted when the tenant first signs the AST, also it is on the notice board and once again pointed out once their tenancy moves from a fixed term to a SPT, do they play by the rules, no way!

The latest one believes it is ok to text me on Saturday evening of a Bank Holiday weekend asking if they serve notice this evening, will they still have to pay their next rent payment, then continue to barrage me with text messages and emails up until 7AM today saying they are not paying rent whatever happens because they have found a new place. A phone call this morning has cleared up the situation.

And finally this afternoon I receive a call from the next door neighbour of a property I own. There seems to be an issue with noise, the neighbours words were “it sounds as if they are kicking a football against the party wall all night long”. Next on my “To Do List” find out what or who is creating the continual thudding! I will let you know how I get on.

Feel free to ask any questions via my blog or complete the form below if there are any specific HMO topics you would like me to discuss.

House Sharing A Tenants Guide

House Sharing is becoming more popular across all demographics of the UK population, from fresh graduates who have just planted their foot on the first rung of the career ladder, under 35’s who are being forced to house share due to changes to housing benefits or more mature members of society who are no longer able to afford to live on their own.  Demand for house sharing is only going to increase as our islands population continues to grow and place an extra strain on our limited housing stock.

House Sharing main benefits are it is a great way to meet people if you are new to an area. House sharing offers a social life as well as place to live (we recommend multi let properties with a communal area) and financially it makes sense as bills are either included in the monthly rent (easier to budget each month) or split between all tenants.

Where to find a House Share

There a huge number of online mediums to find a house to share, sites include:

There are also sites geared toward specific geographic locations in the UK, such as:

As well as sites offering specific ethnic, gender and other preferences:

So whatever you’re chosen location there will be a site and house share to suit your specific needs.

House Sharing: Arranging a Viewing

It is very important to view the property before committing to enter into a house sharing agreement.  When viewing a property it is now law that you are shown a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).  An EPC contains information about a property’s energy use and energy costs and provides recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save money.  An EPC provides an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

Even if bills are included in the monthly rent and EPC will provide a snap shot at the overall condition of the property as often a more energy efficient house will have a modern boiler and double glazed windows which will be of benefit in the winter.

Other certificates to look out for are a Gas Safety certificate (renewed annually) and Electric Certificate (Valid for 10 years) and HMO License (mandatory if the property is 3 or more storey and houses 5 or more people) any House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) you visit should have a notice board containing the landlords contact details, house rules and certificates on display.  This is a good indication the Landlord understands and takes their responsibility to tenants seriously.

 What is the ideal number of Housemate

When embarking on your house sharing journey it is important to meet your potential housemate and decide upon which house share best suits your needs. Although there is no absolute “best” number of housemate when house sharing it is good to avoid two or three together as two housemates can create an intensely inwardly-focused and dependent situation, and falling out or pairing off in other relationships often happens.

Three same sex housemates can lead to accusations of favouritism or ‘ganging up’ against one housemate.  House sharing with four, five and even six mixed-sex housemates often promotes an environment that is high on flexibility and offers non-intense rapport that helps avoid dangerous arguments and fallings-out.

Obviously when house sharing with five or six housemates amenities need to be taken into account and I would recommend looking for a house share with more than one shower room and a separate WC or a house share that offers ensuite facilities.

Questions to ask potential housemates

What time do you get up in the morning?

What time do you go to bed?

Do you smoke?

How often and how would you clean a toilet?

What is the price of a large sliced loaf/jar of coffee?

What experience have you had of working in a team?

 House Sharing Legals

You’ve found the perfect house share; you spoken with the landlord and housemates, now the fun begins.  As previously mentioned you should have already seen a copy of the EPC during your viewing as well as the Gas safety Certificate.  Other factors to consider are a bond.  If the landlord or agent offers an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) and requires a bond legally they are required to protect your bond within one of the following tenancy deposit protection (TDP) schemes:

Your bond must be protected in one of the above within 30 days of receiving the bond payment and  the landlord or agent must provide you with a Prescribed Information Certificate containing the Terms and Conditions of the chosen TDP scheme.

More information about TDP Scheme can be found on the Government site:

AST or License

If you are house sharing with a live in landlord chances are you will be provided in a License rather than an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) as a form of housing contract.  Please be aware a housing license offers less protection from eviction than an AST.

If your chosen house share doesn’t have a live in landlord and you do not have a main UK residence other than your new house share the landlord or agent has no option other than provide you with an AST whether it be a written or verbal contract.

The charity shelter provides a wealth of information relating to AST and Licenses her:

Rooms in Cardiff in a specialist provider of HMO and multi let services to landlords and property investors in Cardiff and throughout South Wales.

We are also a source of information for those interested in house sharing and a great place to come if you are looking for a housemate or Rooms to Rent in Cardiff  and across South Wales.

HMO Landlord Fined for Unsafe, Overcrowded and Unlicensed Luton Property

Another HMO Landlord added to our “rogue Landlord” feature, a useful guide of how not to go about managing a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and multi let portfolio.

HMO Landlord Khaled Ahmed, 36, failed to attend Luton Magistrates Court on 15 October where he was ordered to pay nearly £53,000 for operating an unlicensed, unsafe and overcrowded House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO).

This Luton HMO Landlord has gone for the hat-trick by managing a unsafe, overcrowded and unlicensed House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and following a number of complaints from tenants living at the property at 35 Dunraven Avenue, officers from the Council’s Private Sector Housing team carried out an inspection of the eight-bedroom, four-storey house where a number of health and safety breaches were found the most serious being structure altered internally causing a number of potentially fatal fire safety hazards.

This rogue HMO Landlord provided poorly sub-divided rooms to gain additional smaller bedrooms so more people could live there. One bedroom measured just five square metres as well as a young female student living in the attic space, which could only be accessed by an unstable staircase, without windows, ventilation or heating. Other hazards related to obstructed fire exits, accumulations of rubbish, lack of fire doors, and lack of fire alarms and disrepair to the property.

The Magistrate described the property as a ‘death trap’ run for commercial gain and convicted Mr Ahmed for all breaches.

Mr Ahmed was fined £15,000 for failing to licence the property, a further £4,000 for each of the nine breaches of the Management of House in Multiple Occupation Regulations 2006 which totalled a further £36,000 and a £15 victim surcharge. The Council was also awarded £1,957 costs. Total fines and costs amounted to £52,957 which is one of the highest fines recorded in Luton.

As a further consequence the tenants can apply to the Residential Property Tribunal for a Rent Repayment Order to claim back all rent paid for the past 12 months.

When handing out the fines, the Court also took into account that Mr Ahmed had taken over £22,500 in rent and deposits from tenants.

Cllr Tom Shaw, Portfolio Holder for housing, said: “This is one of the worse cases we have ever seen with tenants being subjected to dangerous and potentially life threatening conditions. What makes it worse is that the actions of the landlord were deliberate and purely for commercial gain.

“I am glad that  substantial fines were imposed, as this serves as a strong warning to any other landlord who thinks they can get away with this illegal behaviour. HMOs need to be licensed to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the occupants and to prevent them living in overcrowded conditions with insufficient facilities.”

“The Council takes the condition of the private rented sector very seriously and we have recently embarked on a programme of inspecting all Houses in Multiple Occupation within Luton. We will not hesitate to take further court action should any other offences be committed.”

Anyone living near or knowing of such a property which they believe to be an unlicensed HMO should contact the council on 01582 54 72 22 or email

Rooms in Cardiff is a provider of landlord services across Cardiff and South Wales specialising in multi let property, Student housing, professional house share and house of multiple occupancy (HMO) and offer the following services:

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Swansea HMO Landlord: License Properties or Face Fines

Two Swansea HMO Landlords have received heavy fines by magistrates after failing to license their respective House of Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Fines of more than £9,000 were handed out to Huw Rees Davies of Llangennech, Llanelli and Mark Gethin Harris of Mildenhall, Suffolk.  Both defendants failed to obtain licenses for their House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) after several reminders from the council.

Mr Davies, appeared before Cardiff Magistrates and was fined a total of £1,450 in relation to two properties at William Street and Clarence Street. He pleaded guilty to a total of 15 offences including failure to license an HMO at one property and breaching licensing conditions at another.

Mr Harris appeared before Swansea Magistrates and pleaded guilty to 12 offences linked to a house at Chaddesley Terrace. They included failure to license an HMO and failure to comply with Management Regulations. He was fined a total of £8,000.

Swansea Council is now urging landlords who rent out Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in the city to check if they need a licence.

The Council was awarded a total of £2,193 costs for both cases.

Mark Child, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, said: “Tenants in private rented accommodation in Swansea need to be reassured that the property they are living in is safe and is maintained to an acceptable standard.

“The licensing scheme we have in place helps to verify that landlords are carrying out their responsibilities to provide good quality accommodation.

“We will continue to prosecute anyone who fails to license their property when they are required to. If landlords are unsure whether they need a licence they can contact the Council for advice.”

Swansea HMO landlords must acquire an HMO Licence and manage their property in accordance with the HMO Management Regulations.

There are around 2000 HMOs in Swansea, many of which are located in the two central wards of Castle and Uplands.

All HMOs in Castle and Uplands need to be licensed. HMOs in other areas require a licence if there are three or more floors and five or more occupants.

Landlords in Swansea can visit Swansea Council’s website for help and advice about licensing an HMO. Visit  or phone 01792 635600.

Rooms in Cardiff is a provider of landlord services across Cardiff and South Wales specialising in multi let property, Student housing, professional house share and house of multiple occupancy (HMO) and offer the following services:

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Cardiff HMO Landlord fined for Management Breaches

A Cardiff HMO Landlord has been successfully prosecuted by Cardiff Council following breaches of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation Regulations (Wales) 2006.

The landlord, Mr. Yazdan Kayhanian of Lake Road West, Cyncoed, Cardiff, was fined £2000; ordered to pay costs of £950 and a victim surcharge of £15

The house of multiple occupation (HMO) at 116 Richmond Road, Plasnewydd, Cardiff was initially identified to be a shared house in multiple occupation in October 2009. An inspection later revealed failures to comply with the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006. However, the landlord advised Cardiff Council officers that the property was shortly to be converted into self-contained flats.

In October 2010, a re-visit identified that the house of multiple occupancy (HMO) had not been converted into flats and remained a shared house. Mr. Kayhanian advised the case officer that the conversion would take place during the summer of 2011.


In February 2012, a further visit confirmed that the property was still a shared house in multiple occupation and a number of serious failures to comply with the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 were noted.


At Cardiff Magistrates Court, District Judge Charles believed that the defendant had deliberately misled the Council into not taking action when he said that he was going to convert the property into flats; that he had made a misleading statement that Keylet were responsible for the management of the property and that he had deliberately attempted to mislead the Council again by getting the tenants to sign a letter accepting some of the blame. The District Judge told the defendant that he was the ‘author of your own misfortunes’; that he was unscrupulous and that he took advantage of the fact that the tenants were students.


Mr. Kayhanian was found guilty of all of the charges against him. These were:


Offence contrary to Regulation 7 of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 – failure to ensure that all common parts of the house are maintained in good and clean decorative repair and in a safe and working condition and kept reasonably clear from obstruction.

Offence contrary to Regulation 8 of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 – failure to ensure that in relation to each part of the house that is used as living accommodation that the internal structure is maintained in good repair and any fixtures and fittings are maintained in good repair and in clean working order

Offence contrary to Regulation 5 of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 – failure to ensure that the drainage system serving the house is maintained in good, clean and working condition in that the gully to the annex side elevation was blocked and overflowing

Offence contrary to Regulation 4(2) of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 – failure to ensure that any fire fighting equipment and alarms are maintained in good working order

Offence contrary to Regulation 4(1) of the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Wales) Regulations 2006 – failure to ensure that all means of escape from fire are maintained in good order and repair


Councillor Lynda Thorne, Cardiff Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Housing and Social Justice, said:


“We know that there are lots of good landlords in Cardiff who manage their properties well and comply with legal requirements. We want to encourage those landlords and assure them and tenants living in HMOs that we will take appropriate legal action, including prosecution, for those who fail to comply with the law.”


“Our approach is to work with private landlords in order to help them meet the standards that are expected of them. We can offer a range of support including advice, an accreditation scheme, help with finding suitable tenants, help with deposits and rent advances, and property checks. But we are also clear that where landlords do not meet acceptable standards, then we will act.”


Rooms in Cardiff is a provider of landlord services across Cardiff and South Wales specialising in multi let property, Student housing, professional house share and house of multiple occupancy (HMO) and offer the following services:


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ASBO HMO landlord fined for breach of fire regulations

The UK’s first residential landlord to be served with an ASBO has been found guilty of failing to comply with fire regulations at a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

The ASBO HMO landlord, Catherine Boyle, 59 of 14 Iverson Road, London NW6 was convicted at Highbury Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 6 November.

The defendant was found guilty for failing to carry out works specified in an improvement notice from Camden Council and four breaches of fire-related House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) regulations.

Boyle also breached her HMO licence by providing her tenants with non-fire retardant furniture.

The UK’s first ASBO landlord was fined £3,600 and ordered to pay Camden’s costs of £4,459.60. Boyle must pay the sum within four months. A failure to carry out works could see her prosecuted again by the authority.

The council had served an improvement notice on Boyle in April 2011, requiring her to carry out extensive works to rectify serious hazards by November last year.

When Camden’s inspectors paid a visit in January this year, the work had not been completed.

The council gave the defendant more time to comply. However, in May this year inspectors found that the fire detection and alarm system were not connected to a power supply, fire doors were inadequate and furniture was still non fire-retardant.

The house of multiple occupancy (HMO) also had poor thermal efficiency and windows “in a terrible state of repair,” Camden said.

The ASBO, lasting for two years, was obtained at Highbury Magistrates’ Court in January 2011.

Under the order, Boyle is prohibited from causing harassment, alarm or distress to her tenants, entering their rooms without consent, and cutting off their gas and electricity supply.

Camden’s cabinet member for housing, Cllr Julian Fulbrook, said: “We inspect all our HMOs regularly to make sure they comply with all health and safety regulations so that tenants are safe in their homes. In the most serious cases we have the power to revoke an HMO licence and take over the running of the properties ourselves.”

Rooms in Cardiff provide services to landlords across Cardiff and South Wales who own a house of multiple occupation (HMO), Multi Let property, Student Housing or a professional house share and offer the following services:

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Buy to Let Evictions Soar by 33%

Ministry of Justice figures analysed and presented by homeless charity, Crisis suggest the number of Court orders to evict tenants from the Private Rented Sector have dramatically increased by over one third in the last two years.

Ministry of Justice figures suggest Courts in England and Wales have granted 36,211 eviction orders against tenants renting from buy to let landlords and House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) an increase of 12% in the last year and a massive 33% increase over the last two years.

The research by the homeless charity Crisis has added weight by a survey conducted by the National landlord Association (NLA) whose figures suggest an equally bleak picture with 49% of landlords polled saying that their tenants had paid late or are in rental arrears over the last 12 months.

If you are a landlord with a buy to let property in Cardiff or across South wales our Rent Guarantee Scheme can protect your property investment for rental arrears, void periods and costly tenant eviction process.

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme provides landlords in Cardiff and across South Wales complete piece of mind as they are safe in the knowledge that their property is tenanted by  professional tenants and their rent will be paid into an nominated bank account on the same day of the month every month.

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme is suitable for buy to let property investments in Cardiff and throughout South Wales whether it be an apartment, bungalow, family home or flat and for property investors with a Student property, House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) or Multi Let we provide a specialist HMO Rent Guarantee.

For a no obligation Rent Guarantee appraisal you can email to arrange a call from one of our team or telephone 0845 496 0000.

House Share in Cardiff and Beat Fuel Poverty

Figures released today highlight the extent of fuel poverty across the UK since 2010 In Scotland, 28% of the population were fuel poor, Wales was at 26%, and England stood at 16% as Gas and Electricity prices have continue to rise since 2010 then you can bet your bottom dollar fuel poverty has taken a wider grip on the UK population.

At Rooms in Cardiff we always advise tenants looking for a professional house share or Cardiff student housing in a HMO or multi let property to look for private landlord offering monthly rents including utility bills, this way you are sheltering yourself from further utility price rises as well as ensuring you are able to meet you monthly rental obligation and not find any financial surprises at the end of the month.

Rooms in Cardiff is the place to go for those looking to house share in Cardiff and further afield in South Wales.  Whether you are looking for Cardiff student housing or a professional house share, Rooms in Cardiff is your number one resource for private landlord lettings, house of multiple occupation (HMO), multi let property and to find your next housemate.

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