Tenant Fees

1 week’s rent will be required to hold a room, the “Holding Deposit”

The “Holding Deposit” is non-refundable when:

  • A Potential Tenant fails to return via email a completed and signed Tenant Registration form within 48 hours of receiving the form.
  • Potential Tenant fails to provide the required information to conduct Credit Check (UK Address for last 3 years), Employment Reference (Current Employer Line Manager/HR) and Landlords Reference (Landlord Contact Details or Letting Agent Details) within 48 hours of receiving the Tenant Registration form
  • Potential Tenant fails to move into the property by the agreed move in date (within 15 days of paying the “Holding Deposit”)
  • The Potential Tenant who does not achieve a TransUnion Gauge score of 560 or greater (or scores “high” or “very high” risk of rent default) and is unwilling to pay a months rent as a bond and/or provide a home owner guarantor (which ever is deemed applicable by the Landlord or their Agent) for the duration of the required tenancy.
  • We have the right to retain the “holding deposit” if you fail to enter into a tenancy agreement within 15 days of paying the “Holding Deposit”
  • A Potential Tenant provides false or misleading information at the time of applying for a tenancy
  • A Potential Tenant fails to disclose information in relation to rent arrears during their previous tenancies over the last 5 years
  • A Potential Tenant choose not to enter a tenancy agreement, or fails to take reasonable steps to enter a tenancy agreement

Each potential tenant will be required to provide the required information and undergo the following checks:

  • Credit Reference
  • Landlord Reference
  • Employment Reference
  • UK Address for the last 3 years
  • Bank statements 3-6 months

Tenants who do not provide all of the required information or do not score “low” or “very low risk” of rent default via credit referencing will have to provide a financial bond, a home owner guarantor or pay a premium on the advertised monthly rent. This will be assessed on a case by case basis and the subject to individual applicants circumstances.

Payments in Default (as per the terms of your tenancy agreement)

Lost/Damaged keys or tenants locked out of their Room/Property

  • we will only attend your property with keys in office hours 9AM–3PM Monday-Friday subject to staff being available and there will be a charge of £30.00 for this, plus the cost of new keys and locks, there is no charge if the lock has failed.
  • If the Key is lost for front/back door of the property the Tenant will be responsible for costs of replacing locks, plus additional keys cut for other tenants at the property, landlord and their agent.
  • Tenants with lost keys or who are locked out of the property outside of core business hours will be required to pay a £100.00 emergency “call-out” plus cost to replace key/locks or arrange for their own locksmith.
  • Tenant(s) will incur a charge of £200.00 if they lose their issued key for the Asgard bike storage shed during the tenancy or if it is not returned at the end of the Tenancy.

Payments in Default During Your Tenancy

  • The Tenant agrees to pay an administration fee of Thirty-Five Pounds GBP (£35.00) per letter sent to Tenant in respect to any Rent or other money lawfully due which is in arrears for more than Seven days (7 days) after the day on which it became due
  • The Tenant agrees to pay a “Trace” cost of £200.00 if they vacate the Premises with any Rent, outstanding debt or other money lawfully due and have not provided the Landlord or their Agent with a future correspondence address. The Tenant agrees to pay any legal costs the Landlord or their Agent occurs during the process of recovering Rent or money lawfully due.
  • Additional copies of the Tenancy Agreement will incur a charge £35.00
  • Additional copies of the Inventory will incur a charge of £35.00
  • To receive the original copy of “Tenant Registration Form” returned via first class post £35.00 no charge to receive a copy via email

Tenancy Check-ins & Checkouts

  • Tenancy check-ins and checkouts are required to take place between core office hours of 09.00 and 15.00, Monday to Friday (there is no charge for “check-ins” & “checkouts” conducted during core office hours)
  • If a Tenancy check-in or checkout is required outside of core office hours a charge of £60.00 will be levied for the first hour. Any time after the initial hour will be charged at a rate of £60.00 for every additional 20 minute period.