Cardiff Professional House Share Needed

We need more rooms to rent in Cardiff for professionals
Cardiff landlords we need your professional rooms to rent

Cardiff landlords we have pre-referenced professional tenants looking to rent a room in house shares near University Hospital Wales and Cardiff Bay.

We have professionals looking for a house share close to University Hospital Wales
We need rooms close to UHW for housemates looking for a professional house share in Cardiff

We offer a competitively priced tenant find service and just charge £150 per tenant.  This includes accompanied viewings, credit check and AST.

We have a number of professionals looking to rent a room in Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Bay is a high demand area for professionals looking for a room to rent in Cardiff

If you have a vacant room in Cardiff, we can provide a quality pre-referenced professional tenant for just £150.00.

If you are a Cardiff landlord with a vacant room in a professional house share, contact ASAP to minimise your void period by calling 0845 496 0000 or email

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Choosing a House Share in Cardiff: Laws and Licensing

Choosing a place to live is one of the most important decisions you have to make.  This decision will have a fundamental impact on your general well being and will influence your work and studies, therefore its important you get it right!

The housing landscape has changed dramatically in the United Kingdom with new laws and legislation, with Wales leading the way on housing policy in with the introduction of Rent Smart Wales.

All landlords and agents should be Rent Smart Wales registered and licensed
Rent Smart Wales

If you are new to Cardiff and searching for a house share its important to check the potential landlord and their agent are:

  1. A Registered Landlord: Any landlord who has a rental property in Wales which is rented on an assured, assured shorthold or regulated tenancy is required to register.
  • They are a Licensed Landlord or use a Licensed agent: Landlords who are not involved in setting up tenancies and managing their rental properties do not need a licence; however, they must use a local licensed agent and register as a landlord declaring their agent on the registration.  Landlords who do undertake letting and management tasks at their rental properties in Wales are required to apply for a licence

You can use the Rent Smart Wales Public Register to check a landlord/property is registered and whether the landlord or their agent is licensed.

When viewing a potential Cardiff house share the self managing landlord or agent should show you a their Rent Smart Wales ID card.

Is the Property a HMO?

HMO is a house of multiple occupancy, 3 or more unrelated people sharing amenities such as kitchen or bathroom
Is your Cardiff house share a HMO?

When choosing a house share in Cardiff you will also need to consider if the property is a House of Multiple Occupancy, often referred to as an HMO.  A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a property rented out by at least 3 people who are not from 1 ‘household’ (for example a family) but share facilities like the bathroom and kitchen. 

If the property is an HMO it may need planning permission and require additional licensing as well as having to comply to more stringent fire safety and space and amenity regulations.

You can find out more about HMOs from Cardiff Council Here

Notice Board

If your Cardiff house share is made up of 3 or more unrelated people, it will require more stringent property management, and this includes a notice board which is displayed in a prominent position in the property.  The notice board should contain the following information:

  • HMO license if required
  • HMO Managers contact details
  • A valid Gas Safety Certificate (renewed annually)
  • Electrical Certificate (Renewed at least every 5 years)

If your potential landlord or property manager isn’t fulfilling the minimum legal requirements where else are they cutting corners and compromising on house mate’s safety and security?  Therefore, we believe it is important to bring the often-overlooked aspects of housing to the forefront of people’s minds when searching for their next Cardiff house share.

If you are looking for a professionally managed house share in Cardiff please visit Rooms to Rent in Cardiff 

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