Cardiff Professional House Share Needed

We need more rooms to rent in Cardiff for professionals
Cardiff landlords we need your professional rooms to rent

Cardiff landlords we have pre-referenced professional tenants looking to rent a room in house shares near University Hospital Wales and Cardiff Bay.

We have professionals looking for a house share close to University Hospital Wales
We need rooms close to UHW for housemates looking for a professional house share in Cardiff

We offer a competitively priced tenant find service and just charge £150 per tenant.  This includes accompanied viewings, credit check and AST.

We have a number of professionals looking to rent a room in Cardiff Bay
Cardiff Bay is a high demand area for professionals looking for a room to rent in Cardiff

If you have a vacant room in Cardiff, we can provide a quality pre-referenced professional tenant for just £150.00.

If you are a Cardiff landlord with a vacant room in a professional house share, contact ASAP to minimise your void period by calling 0845 496 0000 or email

Or alternatively complete the contact form below to arrange a call from one of the team.

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